Getting Started

As part of my quest to grow/learn/expand, I recently added Life Strategies Coach to the evolving list of Who I Am.  Marrying that title to another on my list – Romantic Suspense Author – means the emphasis of this blog will be inspiration and creativity in novel writing.

Translation:  some days the topic will be How I Feel.  Other days it’s How I Do It.  But always it will pertain to writing.

Today it’s HIF about blogging.  Confession: I’ve never blogged in my life.  The very format – short and informal – scares me.  Most things I write are long and involved.  My finished manuscripts weigh in around 425 pages, but there’s a trail of scribbled paper and discarded printer cartridges – all recycled – ten miles long leading up to it.

I’m a messy writer.  (Come to think of it, I’m a messy speaker.)  Words don’t spring neatly onto paper.  They’re brainstormed, revised, killed, resuscitated, stewed over.  Slowly.  Writing a short blog goes against my grain.  Which is good.  Going against the norm is a necessary component in any quest to grow/learn/expand.

Ultimately, I hope blogging will help me to learn to write novels faster, faster, faster.  And yes, I do believe speed is an acquirable skill.  It will mean practice, practice, practice.  It will mean getting to my point more quickly and succinctly.  It means thinking faster and letting go sooner.  And there’s the big ouch.  Letting go is hard enough.  Letting go sooner is weird.  Exhilarating and terrifying.

So here goes.  As with starting anything new, the trick is to just  begin.  And trust that something good is going to happen.