GET OUT! Best places to write…#2

My office is comfortable, quiet, and filled with cute stuff.  It’s MY space and generally off-limits to anyone over the age of ten. (Besides me, of course.)

As much as I love my office, I sometimes feel cooped up.  Well, maybe more than sometimes.  The need to flee hits regularly enough that I keep a writer’s bag packed.  Okay, I actually keep three different writer’s bags packed.  All cute.  All stocked with basic office supplies and ready to roll.  I just drop in my netbook or printed pages and run.

One of my top places to go and write is Panera Bread.  Good food, good people, free wi-fi, lots of space. There are two here in Ocala.  At each location, I have a favorite spot to sit, plus two back-up positions.  Because even though I try to get there by 6:30 a.m. to nab my special spot, other people happen.

I eat breakfast there.  (Love their new granola/fruit/yogurt cups!)  Sometimes I have a bagel with my yogurt. (Like when I’m waiting for that person to get out of my spot.)  If the writing’s going well, I end up eating lunch there, too.  (Love their Greek salad!)  Then I take something home for later.  (Basically I love their everything!)  The problem is, food is rent.  Since I have little will power when it comes to food, I only go to Panera once a week.  (Twice if it’s a bad week.)

And since it’s been a bad week and it’s only Thursday, I have to go to one of my other favorite (translation: low-cal) writing places today.  Happy writing!