deadlygamesClose friends…a band of brothers…caught in a firestorm of betrayal and passion.

Two years ago, three CIA operatives perished in a horrific explosion that occurred at an undisclosed location outside the US. Or at least that’s what their families and friends were told.

Now it seems one of them survived. But what about the others? And what about the insidious rumors that one of their own sold them out?

First, there was DEAD RIGHT


And now comes…DEADLY GAMES

CIA operative Rocco Taylor always knew his enemies would come after him. And now the worst of them have come back with a vengeance, putting him at lethal odds with the Agency… by daring to go after the only woman he ever loved.

Except…Gena Armstrong doesn’t want a hero. She’s survived things Rocco can only imagine, which has left her even more capable and resourceful than when Rocco made the colossal mistake of letting her go. Keeping Gena safe now means facing the past, even as it reignites a passion more dangerous than the conspiracy they’re facing.