Cate Noble

Kathy Holzapfel published four romantic suspense novels under the pseudonym: CATE NOBLE

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deadrightIn the first in a thrilling new series where pulse-pounding suspense meets wild, sensual heat, Cate Noble introduces Dante Johnson, a CIA operative caught in a firestorm of betrayal and desire…

After eighteen months in a secret prison in Southeast Asia, Dante Johnson wants only to move on with his life – until a bomb attack makes it clear that someone, somewhere won’t let the past go. All signs point to Catalina Dion, the brilliant foreign agent he once believed himself in love with…the same woman suspected of selling him out…

Cat knows her young son’s safety depends on her ability to remain hidden. But now Dante has tracked her down, reigniting the searing attraction between them and tempting Cat to lower her guard in potentially lethal ways. She can’t escape him. She can’t resist him.

And now, together, they’re on the trail of a rogue Russian scientist, risking everything on a fragile trust and a fierce hunger that may be more dangerous than any enemy they’ve ever faced…


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deadlyseductionAbducted CIA operative Max Duncan returns to his home turf – and into a web of intrigue with the only woman who can help him salvage what’s left of his life.

‘Think only of the mission – or suffer the consequences’. This has been Max Duncan’s reality for two years. His thoughts are not his own, and any attempt to exert his will results in excruciating pain. Then his friends stage a rescue he never believed possible. Finally ‘safe’ at home, Max still can’t escape the prison of his own mind…

Dr. Erin Houston, called to California to help Max, would rather be investigating her father’s death, a ‘suicide’ she’s convinced was actually murder. But when she and Max end up on the run, their time together sparks a connection between the mind-control experiments her father was fighting to stop and Max’s suffering…

Now, as Erin and Max race to expose the truth, someone with a different agenda is closing in – and will stop at nothing to prove them dead wrong…


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deadlygamesEYES ONLY
FROM: Rocco Taylor
October 3, 11:50 p.m.

It’s the waiting I can’t stand.

Let me belly crawl across a minefield into an enemy stronghold. Or give me an MP5 and a load of clips and just let me shoot my way in.

Anything but this: playing along with the perps while an innocent woman pays the price.

I know the last thing Gena wants is a hero – or me. I made the mistake of letting her go once, putting the assignment ahead of the heat between us. Since then she’s survived things I can only imagine, but no one can escape a death agent alone.

Now I’ve got one last chance to win her trust, to get it right.

Game on.


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An anthology from a trio of authors…These are the sexy bad boys no woman in her right mind would mess with. Except that they’re wickedly irresistible, and will do anything to protect the woman they love – even if it means risking everything…

by Cate Noble

All Ellie McMann DeLuca wants is one night with the only man she’s ever truly loved – Max DeLuca, dubbed the Devil by the Italian paparazzi. Max agrees on one condition: they extend it to seven nights of sensual pleasure on a private island. But after a whole week of fulfilling each other’s deepest desires, how will they go back to the way things were?

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